The farm

The farm is situated in lovely nature and very calm surroundings without traffic noise and close to the cliffs of Møn (4 km) , the Geocenter (7 km) and Liselund Park (1,5 km).

A park like garden with a small lake and a rowboat. There is a good possibility for fishing.

We do not have a herd but a small amount of gooses, hens, cats and two kindly yellow Labrador dogs, called Shiva and Tinka, who also happens to be the mother to Shiva born in 2014.

In the sommer you can pick cherries in our orchard.

The garden at Lilleskovgaard

Juni 2017

Good parking possibilities

Good parking possibilities.

Labradordogs at lilleskovgaard

Tinka and Shiva, 2 nice labradordogs.

Tinka og Shiva with the puppi Nova

Tinka´s puppy Nova was born the 13th of July 2017

Kittens lilleskovgaard

There are 3 Kittens in the sommer 2017.

Gooses and ducklings.

Feeding the cats

Feeding on the terrace.


There is a possibility of picking chery in the season.


Possibility of tasting fresh redcurrant.

Kirsten and Benny Andersen,
Lilleskovvej 2, Sömarke,
4791 Borre, Mön,
Tlf. 0045 51 33 36 50