Honey for sale

We produce our own honey from our beehives.

Therefore you have the possibility to buy honey all the year.

For instance you have the possibility to buy rapehoney (almost white), honey from forestflowers and cherry (more dark), honey from white clover and in the season newextracted honey.

Honey for sale

Kirsten and Benny Andersen,
Lilleskovvej 2, Sömarke,
4791 Borre, Mön,
Tlf. 0045 51 33 36 50

Types of honey

The bees collect the spring honey in the surrounding countryside from the flowers such as the anemones in the woods and rape in the fields, the dannelions, willows and maples and fruit trees as cherry and apple.

The summer honey comes from the white clover and the summer flowers and this honey is of very fine quality.