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From Stege you drive in the direktion of Møns Klint (the cliffs of Møn).

In Borre turn to your left at Liselundvej towards the Liselund Park and then the road turns slightly right and then you continue in about 2 km. Then you come to a crossroad and here you turn to the left, it is the Lilleskovvej, then it is the first farm on your right side.


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Lovely view with a bench in Stubberuphave forest near Pomlerende

The cliffs of Møn and the Geocenter

The farm is situated near the cliffs of møn (4 km) and the Geocenter (7 km) and they are really worth a visit. The cliffs of Møn are really amazing and beautiful and in the new Geocenter you can see how it all began for about 75 millions years ago. Chalkshells from microscopic animals from the buttom of the sea were pushed up 128 meters above sea level when the ice age began for about 1 million years ago.

The cliffs of Møn

Playground by the Geocenter

The farm is situated 1,5 km from the romantic Liselund Park, here with the small castle.

Kirsten and Benny Andersen,
Lilleskovvej 2, Sömarke,
4791 Borre, Mön,
Tlf. 0045 51 33 36 50






There is about 1 km to a high cliff with a stair to the beach called Pomlerende with lovely nature and forest. In good weather you can see all the way to the white cliffs of Stevns.

Here you can walk through the forest to the Liselund Park, it is about 1,5 km or from Pomlerende beach walk to Liselund beach and go up the stairs to the park.