Fishing possibilities

You can go fishing in our small lake for pike, perch, roach, tench and eel.

There is futhermore good possibilities for catching sea trout and cod from the beach nearby particularly in the spring, autumn and winter and garfish in the spring.

We are also anglers so we can advise you .

There is a freezer free for use for the catch.

catch a pike on the farm Lilleskovgaard

A good catch in May 2016

pikes on Lilleskovgaard the small lake with a rowboat on Lilleskovgaardseatrout near Lilleskovgaard moen denmarkseatrout near Lilleskovgaard moen denmarkseatrout near Lilleskovgaard on moen denmark

Kirsten and Benny Andersen,
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4791 Borre, Mön,
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Fishing on Møn

You can go fishing all over Møn and Bogø but the east side of Møn does have the most beautiful nature and the cliffs of Møn attract lots of turists and anglers but you have to be in a good condition to reach the fishing grounds.

In April and May there is a very good oportunity to go fishing garfish both from shore and from boat.

Futhermore there is a possibility to catch pikes in the coves of Stege and perch in the harbour of Stege.
Catching sea trout from shore in the beautiful surroundings attracts a lot of anglers and there is also a possibility to catch cods from shore but it is better by boat.

In March and April there is a very good trolling fishing for salmon from the harbour of Klintholm on the the east side of Møn.